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Wander Through the Shifting Lines

This is an ambitious, experimental and novel installation that explores the spatial and sculptural potential of the moving image. A series of screens form a type of maze in the physical space. Video images, projected onto these screens capture bodies moving and performing repetitive actions. The projected images of bodies play with scale and perception of distance in relation to the actual installation space. A new and vibrant synthesis is created, blurring the boundary between the time of the filmic space and the space that the audience occupy. Masked protagonists express the confines and boundaries of the body in a way that mimics how compulsive thought processes often repeat themselves. At some point this confined space is opened up by the close up of a protagonist resting in nature, transcending the pattern of repetition.

Written by Ole Hagen and Anya Palamartschuk

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University of Brighton Degree Show, 1-9 July 2019

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