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Into The Garden

‘Into the Garden’ is a colourful, immersive and kaleidoscopic projection installation. In a dreamlike landscape of psychological col-de-sacs and pathways, this video tells the story of characters who visit this garden in order to heal. They can only ‘leave’ the metaphorical garden if they find some reconciliation. As a projection, the maze of kaleidoscoping images abstracts the boundaries between digital and physical space, inviting the audience to explore the garden themselves and let their own journeys form.

Into the Garden _ Anya Palamartschuk _ 2.png
Into the Garden _ Anya Palamartschuk _ 3_edited.jpg
Into the Garden _ Anya Palamartschuk _ 1.png

Projection Installation, 4x4m

'Un/sense' Exhibition, curated by the Kollektiv Collective

Christie's, 20-29 July 2022

Film, installation, sound design by Anya Palamartschuk

Audio by Louisa Hakanson and Anya Palamartschuk

Sound mixer Cedric Maurice Wiegel (Nclrcolours)

Projection Mapper Abel Enklaar

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