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Bodies of Light

As a material, wax has a built in property for re-invention. Anya collaborated with dancer and performer Francesca Lista to create ‘Bodies of Light.’ Fran's dancing brought Anya's projection installation and costumes  to life. The wax clothes have a rigid structure that crumbles the more they are worn. Through using clothing, the artists are thinking about personal connections to clothes, presentation and identity, where clothing becomes embodied, living objects. Clothing, as a rigid, restrictive object at first, throughout the dance becomes less structured, and Fran feels empowered to discard these objects, and with them, their limited connotations.

This performance installation was part of Amelia Action's show ‘Meet Me at the Pulse of Dawn’ at Ugly Duck.

Photos by Fatima Sastre Photographer and Jade IIII

Rehearsals at Ugly Duck

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