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ARE Holland Residency 2023

Welcome to the multi-dimensional dinner party, take a seat and see rituals weave themselves through each generation. Presented by ARE and B93, ‘Re-Generations’ is a collaboration between ARE artist-in-residence Anya Palamartschuk and roboticist Edwin Dertien.


This collaboration is part of the Robot Theatre Lab residency. This is a two month research and development programme at XPO and B93. With Anya’s background in wax sculptures and projection installations, and Edwin’s background in tinkering and robotics, these makers have collaboratively found ways of telling stories across a range of interdisciplinary techniques. This processes include clay 3D printing, laser cutting, robotics, and embroidery machines, thanks to the FabLab at Tetem.


This project fuses ideas of repetitive technological processes and obsessive natures, primarily comparing the rituals belonging to both religious practices and OCD routines. Through intertwining patterns between nature, technology, and collective psychology, how can we think about the formulaic, and almost mechanical nature of entrenched rituals.


This palimpsest of ideas investigates how patterns from each generation pass onto the next, creating cyclical kaleidoscopes of repeated compulsions. How do you untangle yourself from entrenched compulsions that grow at the dinner table each and every time you sit together?

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