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Anya Palamartschuk (they/them) (b.1997) is a non-binary multi-disciplinary visual artist from the UK, Spain and the Ukraine. Their practice centres on creating projection mazes that combine installation and imagery for an audience to walk within. Playing with scale and gravity, these spaces transform 2D audio-visuals into 3D labyrinths that abstract the rules of the world in order to invite new realities, championing queerness, re-wilding the body, offering spaces of healing in nature and allowing an audience to forget the world behind them. Ultimately, their goal is to create accessible art that a range of audiences can interact with; as with storytelling, the most personal experiences can also be the most universally impactful, and Anya’s works explore this connection that we all have. At the moment, Anya is using photographs of trees to create unique embroidery designs for clothing and textiles. Anya uses coding and digital processes to think about the future of drawing and create one-of-a-kind customised pieces.


Anya has undertaken residencies with RARA studios London 2022, Robot Theatre Lab ARE Holland 2023 and In The Soil Arts Festival Canada 2023. They have exhibited their installations at Christie’s exhibition ‘Un/Sense’ 2022, Ugly Duck’s ‘@Disturbance 2’ 2021, Queer Circle 2022 and Brighton Fringe 2022. They were short-listed for the New Emergence Art Prize in 2021, the Future Artefacts Award, 2022 and received the Nagoya University Incentive Award 2019. They collaborated with Vivienne Griffin to create ‘Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy’ Sound Workshop at Somerset House and have helped facilitate workshops at RARA Studios, LungA Arts Festival Iceland and the Tate Exchange. In March, Anya was the designer and co-executive editor of an 80 page publication archiving the LGBTQIA+ residency and showcase @Disturbance.


2:1 Upper Division - Fine Art: Sculpture BA Hons, University of Brighton, 2016-2019

Principles of Social Media with Business 513 Unit 301, 2021

Distinction – UAL Foundation Diploma, Art and Design, UCA Epsom, 2015-2016



Artist of the Month, Art from the Heart, 2022

Short-listed InstincD: Art Festival ’22 Ignite the Future 2022

Short-listed Future Artefacts 2022

Short-listed for the New Emergence Art Prize 2021

Nagoya University Incentive Award Winner 2019


Pretty Doomed, Ugly Duck, 2023

Rally x @Disturbance, Installation with Deen Atger & Elodie Grace, London

In the Soil Arts Festival, Solo Show, Artist In Residence, Canada

@Disturbance Magazine Launch, publication designer & installation, Ugly Duck, London

Meet Me at the Pulse of Dawn, group show, 2023, Ugly Duck, London

Re-Generations Solo Show, ARE Holland, Artist in Residence, 2023, The Netherlands

Installation, Group exhibition, 2022, Runt of the Litter, Oslo House, London

Wax Sculptures, Group exhibition 2022, Tendrils, Queer Youth Art Collective, Queer Circle, London 

Projection, Group exhibition, 2022, Qwe’re, London

Film, Group exhibition, 2022, Trans Tales for Toxic Times, Ugly Duck, London, Cas Bradbeer

Installation, Group exhibition, 2022, Un/Sense, Christie’s, London, Kolletiv Collective

Installation, Into the Garden, Brighton Fringe, Copperdollar Studios, Brighton, Collaboration between myself and Minnow Carty

Paintings and Prints, Show, 2021, Cirrus, London

Projection, Group exhibition, 2021, ‘@Disturbance 2’, Ugly Duck, London, Deen Atger

Projection, Group exhibition, 2020, Riposte, The Grow Tottenham

Audio work, Group exhibition, 2019, Filler Gallery, Brighton

Installation, Group exhibition, 2019, Graduate Show, University of Brighton

Installation, Group exhibition, 2018, ‘Conjecture’, University of Brighton

Installation, Group exhibition, 2017, Lock in Gallery, Brighton



Queering the Quarantine Archive, Warwick University Department of History


In the Soil Arts Festival, Solo Show, Artist In Residence, Canada

Re-Generations Solo Show, ARE Holland, Artist in Residence, 2023, The Netherlands

Resident Artist, Sept 2022, RARA Clapton


Gallery/Studio Experience

Technical Assistant, Copperdollar Theatre, June 2023

Publication Designer and Executive Producer @Disturbance Jan-April 2023

Graphic Designer, Disturbance 4, 2022, Ugly Duck

Communications and Social Media Manager, Feb 2022-ongoing, Ugly Duck, London

Engagement Manager, April 2021-ongoing, Copperdollar Studios, Brighton

Fundraising Assistant, 2019-2020, Copperdollar Studios, Brighton

Invigilator, 2019, Brighton Digital Art Festival, Lighthouse

Retail Assistant, 2019, Art 5 Gallery, Brighton

Group exhibition organiser, fundraiser, 2019, Graduate Show, University of Brighton

Tour guide, 2019, University of Brighton

Group exhibition Media Team, 2018, ‘Conjecture’

Artist Assistant, 2016, Miriam Austin, London

Set Assistant, Lucy Bond, 2015

Volunteer, Creative Youth Arts Festival, 2012



Christie’s Feature Interview, Un/Sense Exhibition 2022

Copperdollar Studios Blog

University of Brighton Interview, Graduate Show 2019


Workshop Experience

Collage Workshop, RARA Studios, Jan 2023

Workshop organizer and teacher, 2020-2021, Life Drawing Workshops, online

Workshop collaborator, Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy, 2019, Music Workshop, Somerset House

Workshop collaborator, 2019, LungA Art and Music Festival

Workshop collaborator, 2018, LungA Art and Music Festival

Workshop collaborator, 2018, Tate Exchange

Workshop assistant, 2010-2013, Dragon Drama Improv Workshops


Filmmaking Experience

Video editor, April-November 2021, Regal Roye, online

Videographer, Oct-Feb 2021, Yes Valencia, Valencia

Director and editor, 2021, Tash Lake, Music Video

Videographer, 2019, Beat the Budget


Illustrative Christmas Mural, Aubergine Art Gallery, 2021

Illustrative Christmas Mural, Aubergine Art Gallery, 2019

Paintings, Café Verde, 2020

Art Copywriting

Copperdollar Studios, example



Vocals and Cornet, Workshop Collaborator, Somerset House, the UNNOW NOW, Vivienne Griffin

High Res Wander Through the Shifting Lines, Image 1, Anya Palamartschuk, 2019, _anyapalama
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