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@Disturbance 2

For @Disturbance 2 at Ugly Duck on Tanner Street, I build their set for the virtual exhibition. The whole event was 'an incandescent evening transending boundaries between digital and physical space' curated by Deen Atger with Robert Hall.

Whilst projection allows a subject to walk across a space without the constraints of gravity, they also must walk within the confines of a projection screen. This installation plays with this by layering projections of the performer on themselves within a paper sculpture. In a film that depicts becoming too enwrapped in reliable crutches, this new ending of the film shows the performer Sam Wright breaking free from the entire simulation.

The performer breaks out of this paper, splitting the backdrop of their reality. They walk out of the projection, only for the video to loop and show the whole process of walking into the vines all over again. Did they ever leave the space at all?

'@Disturbance 2' Ugly Duck, January 2021

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