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Bodies of Light

Wax plays with the elements: it can appear liquid like water or solid like coral or plastic depending on its temperature. As a material, wax is an ever-developing, always remeltable substance, never finding a final form. Wax texturally references the body, whilst being able to be re-melted and ever changing, so these sculptures speak from my experience of being non-binary and they represent bodies in eternal states of becoming.

These wax explorations are the developing stepping stones towards performances and projection installations involving wax. This experimental phase includes 35 wax panels that explore the different qualities of the material according to temperature, pigment, height, speed and human interference.

IMG_0367 2_edited.jpg
Studio Explorations 2022, RARA Clapton
Tendrils, 2022, Queer Youth Art Collective at Queer Circle
Runt of the Litter, 2022
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