'Into the Garden' at Brighton Fringe

‘Into the Garden’ is a collaborative exhibition from Diamonds in the Ruff (artists Anya Palamartschuk & Minnow Carty.) After visiting the Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Valencia, both artists were individually inspired and began creating. Later down the line, they realised they were both making work about the same garden, and began creating this exhibition together. 

This Brighton Fringe exhibition is a collection of drawings, film, sculptures and stories. It is a letter to the gardens in our lives. Minnow explores the surreal, mesmerizing nature of gardens and muses about whether their inhabiting cats might be small gods. Anya creates an immersive maze of kaleidoscoping garden projections that transcends the boundaries between digital and physical space, inviting the audience to explore the garden and let their own journeys form.

Their work together is a varied exploration of the strangeness and comfort of gardens and what happens in them… both in reality and in our imagination. 

"Come and wander through our garden, explore the worlds we have created for you and all those who live there in our surreal explosion of sound, video, storytelling and drawings all about escaping the real world, into the garden."

1 Brighton Into the Garden Anya Palamartschuk, 2022.JPG