Anya Palamartschuk is a London based multi-disciplinary artist exploring reflective, immersive, storytelling. Their most recent piece ‘Into the Garden’ is currently being exhibited at Christie’s as part of ‘Un/Sense’ curated by the Kolletiv Collective. 


The theme of layers runs through their practice: through the process of collaging different mediums, by the physical sense of creating fragmented spaces, and in a conceptual capacity, as their work explores the multifaceted nature of how we perform and navigate through spaces. They like to draw from personal experiences, then fracture and layer them, creating palimpsests with sound, video, poetry and paint to create rich environments for an audience to have a dialogue with.


By combining installation and imagery, Anya makes 2D images into 3D labyrinths of immersive images that abstract the boundaries between digital and physical space, inviting the audience to explore and let their own journeys form.


With storytelling, the most personal experiences can also be the most universal, and their installations explore this connection that we all have. As a non-binary person, Anya thinks about the body, performativity and social masks. They are dedicated to sharing their narrative whilst uplifting others’ voices through collaboration.


As well as exhibiting at ‘Un/Sense’ at Christie’s, Anya recently exhibited at Brighton Fringe and Ugly Duck. They have facilitated workshops at the Tate Modern, LungA Arts festival and Somerset House. In 2019 they received the Nagoya University Incentive Award and was short-listed for the New Emergence Art Prize in 2021.

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Instagram: @anyapalamartschuk

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